Angle Communications

The Client

With more than 20 years' experience, Angle Communication is an expert at helping you identify critical communication barriers that are impeding, disrupting, if not derailing your business's objectives. They can help you discover where your business's communication breakdowns are happening.

What They Needed

As a new company with a lot to offer, Angle Communications needed a strong, iconic logo to reflect the personality of its company and an eye-catching site to display its services and reinforce its new brand.

How We Helped

GoWeb1 started with Angle Communications' logo, working closely with founder Tess Fyalka to brainstorm ideas. We came up with a variety of logo comps as a springboard, keeping our conversation with Tess open to continually hone down and refine the logo into something Angle Communications could be proud of. We wanted the logo to be perfect and Angle Communications to be completely satisfied with it, so the logo went through many revisions before we settled on the final product.

Now with a clear direction on where to take Angle Communications' branding, we set off to build a website that reflected the company's unique personality. GoWeb1 strove to take Tess's ideas and critiques seriously, continually tweaking and revising until both parties were satisfied with the outcome.

The Logo Design Process

Step One: Concept
Step Two: Honing
Step Three: Refinement
Step Four: Color