The BRANDT Foundation

The Client

The BRANDT Foundation is a small step towards big things. A private foundation for charitable giving, The BRANDT Foundation was established by BRANDT Consolidated, Inc. to help organize the giving of the company, its employees, and the family founders.

What They Needed

The BRANDT Foundation came to GoWeb1 seeking help on renewing their website – not just to spruce up its design, but to also create an online grant application management portal that would greatly enhance their abilities to manage both current and past applications.

How We Helped

The BRANDT Foundation already had the paper hard copy of their application. The team at GoWeb1 duplicated the application, splitting the process into several steps to enhance any applicant's experience with the various forms. Once an applicant creates an account on the site, they can start filling out an application - or several! The process includes a step where applicants can upload multiple documents, which BRANDT Foundation managers can access later. To make sure that the applicant includes all the correct, required information, the applicant can review their pending application before sending it off to the BRANDT Foundation managers. Additionally, before submitting their application, applicants can review, edit, or delete their current pending applications, or review the stats of submitted applications.

We worked with the BRANDT Foundation to create a back-end cloud-based application management system that would allow Foundation managers to access, approve, reject, or notate each and every one of the applications recorded in the system, including those still not submitted. At any time, the BRANDT Foundation can assign a manager role to a user so they can view and update the applications, all wrapped up in a tidy, easy-to-use interface.