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Responsive sites and how they effect logos

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Responsive sites and how they effect logos

There is no denying the influence responsive web design is having on branding for business. More complex logo designs that look presentable on a billboard simply do not translate well on a mobile phone. 
Some may think that looking at the branding direction and changes of more tech-related companies is not relevant to, say, a chiropractor or an insurance agent. What we all need to realize it that all industries are going to end up with responsive web design at some point, due to the rise in mobile devices usage.

Embracing a flexible approach to branding is a transition; we realize it can be difficult to wrap ones mind around altering a company logo that's been so familiar. It's time to give way to a new kind of freedom where the way we present our brand has to vary. From horizontal formats to vertical displays, simple icons, favicons and even updating colors to suit both dark and light screens. 

How does your logo look on a mobile device? We'd be happy to discuss some ways in which we can simplify your design to look great across all devices. 
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