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Lorem Ip-What?! Why designers use words that have no meaning

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Lorem Ip-What?! Why designers use words that have no meaning

When handing off website designs for client approval, we sometimes see that head-tilted-to-the-side, confused look of "what the heck am I reading??"

That would be Lorem Ipsum, or "filler text". Lorem Ipsum (pseudo-Latin) has a similar consonant/vowel balance, word size, punctuation to English text. The purpose for using these 'dummy' words is so clients can focus on design elements rather being distracted by reading actual words. We humans have a tendency to automatically zone in on words that are placed in front of us, but when you're unable to actually read the're then able to focus on layout, page functionality, use of color, etc. 

Traditionally, designers would grab text by Googling 'Lorem Ipsum', copying and pasting into their designs. Now there are tons of resources to spruce up - and have some fun - with Lorem Ipsum variants. 

It's important to keep in mind that none of this text will ever be seen by the general public, so it's an opportunity to have some fun with your client as they work through the design process with you. 

A few examples of creative Lorem Ipsom resources that we enjoy:

Yummy Example Text: Cake marzipan wafer gingerbread pudding lemon drops jelly beans. Lemon drops chocolate bar halvah soufflé croissant. Gummies chocolate bar cheesecake. Chocolate liquorice biscuit gummi bears brownie.

Here's an Example, bro: Heirloom vice you probably haven't heard of them flexitarian locavore, YOLO kinfolk enamel pin hella. Chia bushwick godard locavore quinoa, jianbing food truck chambray typewriter dreamcatcher selfies brooklyn microdosing mlkshk artisan.

Perhaps one of our in-house favorites: 

Corned beef turducken bacon boudin, burgdoggen short loin drumstick spare ribs jerky ham sirloin strip steak pig bresaola tongue. Meatloaf burgdoggen kielbasa, pig shoulder shank leberkas alcatra beef ribs chuck. Pig pancetta rump jowl. Ham hock venison brisket pancetta turducken kevin.

Mashable also features a huge list to satisfy all of your fun/funny Dummy Text needs! 

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