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3 Tips to Improve Your Google Search Ranking

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3 Tips to Improve Your Google Search Ranking

The majority of our clients ask the following question at some point during the development process: "How do I get my website to pop up first on Google search results?" Although we don’t have a magic wand to wave to secure that you're first on Google, we do have a few ideas about how you can outshine your competition.

Here are 3 GOOD PRACTICES that can improve your search engine ranking results: 

1 - Content. Content. Content!

Google’s algorithm is trying to identify the best results for any given topic or question. If you are constantly providing great content about your services or products on your website, then Google will pick up on this.  

How do you know if your content is “good” according to Google?

One way Google measures content quality is by tracking the amount of time people stay on your site. If a site is helpful, visitors tend to stay on it longer. If it’s not, they leave. It’s that simple.

How can you encourage visitors to stay longer?

  • Make your content easy for readers to scan. Imagine if this page were just a wall of text: no breaks, no titles, no pictures, just words. Would you read it? Visitors won’t want to stay if your site looks like a book from the 15th century. Having titles, shorter paragraphs, and images will help break up the page so people will want to read your copy. It also helps visitors locate the information they actually came to read.
  • Optimize the length of your copy. If you only have one or two short paragraphs about your most important service, visitors might not stay long at all. If you write more content that still is relevant to the reader, that can encourage them to stay and return to your site. You should be writing about 300-700 words on any given page, sprinkling keywords in about 2 percent of the text. 

Any other content tips?

  • Stay fresh. Do you have a company blog? Adding new, relevant blog posts on your website will drive traffic to your site, and will give Google the impression that your website is alive and well. According to a study of more than 13,000 companies, the more blogs you post on a monthly basis, the more traffic you get. This can in turn improve your search engine ranking.

If you're a business owner and what you just read intimidates you, have no fear. GoWeb1 works with the best copy writers around. Their sole mission is listening to you and your goals for the website, and then cultivating excellent content for your website that will greatly improve your search engine ranking. 

2 - Get in the mobile game.

In today’s world, most people browse the web on a mobile device. That is why Google grants a higher ranking to sites that are “mobile friendly.” If your website doesn’t have the ability to adapt to different screens (smart phones, tablets, computers, etc.), then it will likely not be first on Google because mobile visitors will have a poor experience with your site.

If people still have to pinch their screens just to read the text on your website, it may be time to give it the rebuild it deserves. Your search engine ranking depends on it. Even if you feel like you're providing great content, a competitor with a mobile friendly design can still have a better search engine ranking than you just because of this. That's why choosing a mobile friendly design for your site is well worth the investment. 

3. Meta Data.

Accurate meta data quickly helps Google and other browsers understand the purpose of the page.

  • Title Tags - Make sure you are providing unique title tags for each page. It’s best to keep this title between 15 and 60 characters. Anything beyond 60 characters may be too long to display properly. It’s good to also include an important keyword in your title.
  • Meta Descriptions – This is the brief description that appears below the page title in a Google search. It is what will draw visitors to your site organically. Although the description does not affect your ranking directly, it can drive traffic to your site. So make sure to write meta descriptions that will encourage users to choose your site, and keep your description within 150 characters.

Interested in having GoWeb1 help spice up your site? Contact us online or call us at 217-241-8554.  

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