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Stop Driving Customers Off Your Site!

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Stop Driving Customers Off Your Site!

Your website is a reflection of your company. If a person has a bad experience with your website, due to a confusing structure or long loading time, that person will click away and you will lose business. If a person has a good experience on your site, he or she is more likely to become your customer. That is why it is important to consider how a user experiences your website. Having a user-friendly design can truly impact your business.


At GoWeb1, our aim is to help businesses thrive. So here are 3 different ways to improve your user experience and create a better interaction with potential customers:


  1. Ensure Your Site is Easy-to-Understand.


  • Choose Clear Fonts. – If users cannot understand the words on your site, they will not read your content. Make sure to use clear fonts with good sizing and appropriate spacing. If someone has to zoom in to read your text, that is a bad sign.  


  • Make Text Scannable. – If you have a lot of text on one page, break it up. Add titles, bullet points, photos, and paragraph breaks to ensure your content is easy to scan and digest.


  • Simplify Navigation. –Navigation menus should be uncrowded and straightforward.  Only put your most important pages in the top menu. People who come to your site for a specific purpose will appreciate an intuitive design because it will help them locate the information they are after more quickly.


  • Don’t Hide Contact Info. – The last thing you want to do is make a potential customer hunt for your contact information. Make sure your number or email is easily available for interested parties.

  1. Increase Your Speed by Compressing Media Files.


Is your site full of photos and videos? Do they take forever to load? If something doesn’t load instantly, users get frustrated and click away to another site. To improve the speed of your website, compress any images that are 2MB or larger. These photos cause your website to load slowly, so resizing them will boost your loading time and create a better experience for your potential customers.


  1. Build Your Site to be Mobile Friendly.


Studies show that most people across the globe access the internet via mobile devices. That means people are likely accessing your site on a smartphone or a tablet. If your site is not mobile responsive, then users will not have a good experience on your site. You could easily lose out on business because of this. If your site is not yet mobile friendly, consider calling GoWeb1 about getting a mobile upgrade: 1-866-662-8516.

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