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How to Avoid a Website Redesign Nightmare

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How to Avoid a Website Redesign Nightmare

How to Avoid a Website Redesign Nightmare

Think of a web design company as a hair stylist, and a website as a haircut. The week of your wedding, who would you trust to cut and style your hair? Would you go with the cheapest hair stylist in town? Of course not! You’d check out client testimonies, before-and-after shots, stylist credentials, and possible scheduling conflicts to find out which stylist would make you look your best for your special day.

The same should be true in finding the right web design company to build or rebuild your site. After all, a bad “haircut” can be costly and stressful to fix.

Over the years, a number of clients have shared their website horror stories before coming to GoWeb1.

Here are three tips we’ve compiled based on their nightmare experiences:


1) Avoid the one-man shop.  

Here’s a common problem we see: You’ve got a friend who does websites. He’s pretty good at it, and you choose him to build your website. He does a nice job, and you think everything is set. But one day, the guy closes shop! Although your site is live and looks nice, you now have no way to edit your site or add new content. If you want to make any changes, or if you have any problems, you’re a sitting duck. To move forward, you will need to go to a new company and most likely a whole new website.


2) Avoid the company that cannot grow with your business.

Would you buy a one-bedroom house if you knew you wanted to have lots of children? No! You’d plan for the growth of your family. In the same way, it’s important to invest in a website company that can accommodate the growth of your business.

Maybe you see yourself selling merchandise on your website a couple years from now. Are you going to choose a web company that can only build you a site for your current needs? No! If a web design company cannot add that e-commerce element to your site later on, then you will be either encouraged to find a third party solution that may or may not integrate, or you will be forced to purchase an entirely new website from another company when you are ready to make that leap. It’s worth it to start off with a web design company that can accommodate your growth.


3) Get the scoop on post-launch fees.

Sometimes, clients are so focused on making a website that they don’t think about its maintenance after their site gets launched. They can feel blind-sighted by the cost it takes to make a change to a site once it is live. Make sure you know how a website company charges its clients after a site launch so that you are prepared for the cost and can budget accordingly, even for the smallest tasks. When you find a web design company that’s transparent about costs and communicates openly about expectations, you are sure to have a happier experience with that company.

What would you add?

These were our top three tips on avoiding a website redesign nightmare. Have you experienced something different? Something worse? Let us know in a comment below!


Already in a website pickle?


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