Enterprise Hosting

The GoWeb1 suite of services includes enterprise level hosting, which minimizes costly and devastating downtime. We offer Tier 4 customer support standards, so you experience maximum uptime, fast data response times and gain the benefit of fully optimized, non-shared servers.

Enterprise Hosting vs. Shared Hosting

There are many different levels of web hosting, and pricing can fluctuate greatly. Some very common questions we receive sound something like this: Why do prices vary so much with hosting providers? What is the benefit of switching to enterprise hosting, rather than keeping my current, low-cost hosting provider? What return will I see if I invest in enterprise hosting for my business?

Economy Hosting

This service is suited for small, static websites that do not require any functionality so to speak (i.e. photo galleries, e-commerce, permission-based logins, downloadable forms, embedded links, social feeds, widgets, etc.)

In order for shared hosting rates to remain at a very low price, the hosting provider puts hundreds to thousands of websites and emails on the same server. This can put a burden on the server's capability and may add additional vulnerabilities to the server (i.e. lack of security patches, SPAM, or even fraud). These factors can lead to a potential hard-to-manage environment. If something goes wrong with servers housing very large amounts of websites, it can take days to restore sites if they go down for a number of reasons. Poor web traffic results and slower customer service are also major factors to consider when choosing a shared hosting environment.

If your primary goal is to host your website as budget-friendly as possible, then self-service, shared hosting may be the solution for your website. However, please keep in mind the factors mentioned above when considering your time and investment on a website. 

Enterprise Professional Services Hosting 

We would recommend this option to website owners who are invested in protecting this online asset. Our enterprise-level service means 24/7/365 monitoring, a dedicated IP address which helps Google categorize your website above overloaded shared IP servers, stellar GoWeb1 team customer support as well as backups. 

Read below for a more detailed look at our commitment to Tier IV hosting service.  

Datacenter Tiers

The below table demonstrates the various tier levels of datacenters. The Telecommunications Industry Association published ANSI/TIA-942 defining four tiers of datacenters. A Tier IV datacenter is the highest and most stringent accreditation obtainable. These facilities are designed to host mission critical computer systems with fully redundant subsystems and compartmentalized security zones controlled by biometric access points.

GoWeb1's dedicated servers are proudly hosted and managed at Tier IV datacenters that are independently operated and in two separate geographic location within the United States of America.

Datacenter Accreditation Requirements Tier I Tier II Tier III Tier IV
Single non-redundant distribution path serving the IT equipment
Non-redundant capacity components
Redundant site infrastructure capacity components with expected availability of 99.741%
Multiple independent distribution paths serving the IT equipment
All IT equipment must be dual-powered and fully compatible with the topology of a site's architecture
Concurrently maintainable site infrastructure with expected availability of 99.982%
Fault-tolerant site infrastructure with electrical power storage and distribution facilities with expected availability of 99.995%
All cooling equipment is independently dual-powered, including chillers and heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems