Have you ever wished you could have a designer, marketer, writer, or website guru on speed dial who could give your project that professional polish? When you choose to have GoWeb1 on retainer, you’ll have a whole creative marketing team at your disposal.

Our Process

  • Define and prioritize what needs to be done, and for how long
  • Establish deadlines and milestones
  • Execute our work
  • Update our To Do list

Why Choose an Ongoing Service Program?

  • Plan your project deadlines with peace of mind - Guaranteed amount of prioritized work each month.
  • Discounts - You get discounted rate compared to normal freelance fees. The more hours you commit, the lower the hourly rate.
  • Simplified Accounting - you pay a set amount each month for the duration of the retainer contract.
  • Less Paperwork - eliminate contracts to sign and multiple invoices to track on a per project basis.
  • No Overhead - you get the access to creative service professionals without the overhead associated of an employee.
  • Fill the Gap - our talented team members can be used to fill a knowledge or skill gap, and we are available for various design tasks that need a professional touch.
  • Win-Win - When you can depend on a steady, predictable relationship, it allows everyone involved the ability to focus on designing and executing. This type of a relationship is a way for our team and yours to do better work and grow together.

What's Included

(we will cater our offerings to your specific needs)

  • Web updates (exclusive to DNN platform). Backups, updating modules, adding content and graphics.
  • Consulting. We can help your team brainstorm designs or marketing ideas, assist team members on web updates and edits, social media marketing ideas.
  • Digital Design. Design graphics or stock imagery for your website, online ads, landing pages, iconography, social media share graphics, cover photos, profile photos, email templates, logo design (up to 2 versions within retainer. Additional versions are billed hourly outside of retainer commitment).
  • Print Collateral Design. Digital design files for business cards, fliers, billboards, trade show displays, posters, direct mail pieces, brochures, booklets. Anything you need designed for printing purposes, minus the actual printing service.
  • Copywriting. Have our writer provide SEO keywords for search engines, blog entries, print collateral content, social media posts.

What's NOT Included

  • Website creation. This would be a separate development fee.
  • Website hosting. Separate monthly fee for hosting.
  • In-House Printing.

Creative Services Packages

At GoWeb1, we encourage clients to try out a 2-month retaining period. This timeframe is long enough for you see the quality and process of our work, and short enough for you to see whether your investment is paying off. Click “Get Started” on the package of your choice, so we can begin to learn about your specifics needs and goals.

2 hours /month

2 month minimum

4 hours /month

2 month minimum

10 hours /month

2 month minimum

25 hours /month

4 month minimum

Do you think a creative services package is right for you? Let us create a proposal for you today!

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