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About the Client

The Dew Chilli Parlor is proud to serve the same secret recipe tavern-style chilli that it's been known for since 1909. After nearly a 20 year hiatus, the Dew reopened to Springfield with its original 6th street location and the Dew Truck for mobile chilli and catering. It serves up some of its all-time-favorites and Dew classics like the Double Header, as well as new dishes like the Dew-rrito Pie.

What They Needed

The Dew Chilli is an old business with a new heart; following its resurrection in 2013, the Dew needed a complete branding makeover with all the works: logo, business cards, promotional material, a responsive website and most uniquely, a design for a food truck! With all of their branding, the Dew wanted to invoke the classic Route 66 feel but with a distinctly family-friendly yet contemporary, exciting vibe.

How We Helped

GoWeb1's amazing journey with the Dew Chilli Parlor began with revitalizing the original Dew's sign - immortalized in photographs - into the new Dew's logo. We closely followed the sign's shape and layout but made sure to keep it fresh and iconic, adding elements that would enhance its vintage feel. Once the Dew approved their new logo, we established a consistent branding theme and applied to all of the printed and electronic materials we worked on for the Dew.

Most exciting to us was working on a wrap design for a food truck! We worked with the Dew's budget to create an easy-to-read but eye-catching design on their bright orange Dew truck.

Services Utilized

  • Branding
  • Web Design & Development
  • Text Message Marketing
  • Web and Print Design
computer presentation
computer presentation

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