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DIYG | SSL Certificates

The lock icon lets visitors know that you’ll keep their data safe.

Welcome to the GoWeb1 DIYG (Do-It-Yourself with GoWeb1) guide on SSL certificates. We hope this page will be a helpful resource to you as you look to improve the security of your website.

What is an SSL Certificate?

A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate is the proof that a website has an encrypted connection between its server and a customer’s web browser. It allows private information to send securely without data tampering or message forgery.

How to Spot an SSL Site

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If a website URL starts with HTTPS as opposed to HTTP, that means it has a secured connection. You can also spot an SSL site when you see a padlock next to a site’s domain name. This reinforces the idea that it is safe to share personal data on forms, membership logins, and checkout carts.

Why Purchase an SSL Certificate?

  1. Protect Your Customers from Identity Fraud. Caring about data security shows customers you care about their wellbeing. SSL will protect your visitors’ personal data from online theft and tampering.
  2. Improve Online Sales via Consumer Confidence. If you are selling merchandise online or if you intend to collect sensitive data from visitors, it is crucial that you have an SSL certificate for your website. Visitors need to know that it is safe to share information on your website before they will even consider entering their credit card information. An SSL certificate provides this assurance to consumers. Without that security, they’d likely shop somewhere else.
  3. Get a Search Engine Ranking Boost. Google has incentivized switching to HTTPS by stating that it will give a ranking boost to any site with an SSL certificate. This can translate to better web traffic and greater online revenues.

Get a SSL Certificate for Your Site!

If you are ready to boost the security of your site, GoWeb1 offers an easy, affordable way to protect from online threats.

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