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E-commerce spotlight: Tangling with Catfish

Watching our clients achieve e-commerce success is one of our greatest joys here at GoWeb1. Tangling with Catfish is no exception!

We've been working with the TWC team for over 5 years with ongoing website needs as well as customer review generation (over 1,100 customer reviews and counting!). TWC's business has grown exponentially over the years, especially during the pandemic (turns out many people picked up fishing as a new hobby over the past few years). This growth required adjustments to daily operations - namely a more organized order fulfillment process.

Using TWC's product photos and branding and our backend e-commerce and application expertise, we were able to develop a very robust Shopify website for TWC. Using Shopify, the TWC team can more easily communicate with customers, they now have automatic shipping confirmations in place, and the new product layout is more user friendly, especially on mobile (where most of TWC's traffic originates).

As a Shopify partner, we help you start, sell, market, and manage your e-commerce business. Contact us today if you're ready to learn more about adding e-commerce to your business offerings.



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