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Google Analytics: Switching from UA to GA4

Google recommends making this change within your Google Analytics accounts soon

Google Analytics: Switching from UA to GA4

Google Analytics 4 (a.k.a. G4 or GA4 i.e. G-XXXXXXXXXX) will be replacing Universal Analytics on July 1, 2023. Although you have some time before you need to make the switch, know that your data from the UA property (UA-XXXXXXXXX-X) will still be available for a handful of months after the official switch. Google encourages its users to export their reports before July 1, 2023. So, a handful of months after that, Google users officially won't be able to see either Universal Analytics data or reports. For now, Google doesn’t have a finalized date to fully sunset Universal Analytics. Google Analytics 4 is more geared towards privacy and durability. To use the updated Google Analytics 4, you first need a Google Account. Then, you need to set up a GA4 property for your site or app. Also, you need to have an Editor role on your GA account.


How to Set Up a G4 or Google Analytics 4 Property

Select GA4 Setup Assistant to create a GA4 property. The new property collects information similarly to UA property. If your backend platform requires a “UA-” ID and not a “G-” ID, you can use GA4. Follow the steps using Setup Assistant to finish configuring the property. Once you’ve set your GA4 property up, you can freely explore! Instructions for each site builder can vary, but if you have a DNN site, the GoWeb1 team can assist with the proper backend settings to configure your new code using Connectors or global site tag snippets within site settings.

Once you see that your data is coming in, you can review:


  • Realtime report. With this, you can see data from the last half hour from your site
  • GA4 properties. Search and edit reports, share or download
  • The Skillshop Course. Here you can learn new things about Google Analytics
  • Training and Support. Review Google-supplied resources on Google Analytics 4



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