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Why DNN?

We’ve been building website on the DotNetNuke (DNN) platform for years.

We’ve been building website on the DotNetNuke (DNN) platform for years. Although there are hundreds of reasons we’re committed to this content management system above all others, we’ve narrowed the biggest and best reasons in the list below:

Secure Environment

DNN is fully tested & verified with a security center task force 24/7/365. You can utilize built-in security roles and permission-based visibility within your website.


DNN allows it’s users to edit content directly through your browser, right on the page you’re wanting to change. That’s right, all content can be changed in real time, without looking at different screens to make updates like various other platforms do. Newer versions of the platform even include drag + drop modules and an automatic save feature (we all know what a GREAT feature this is!). The DNN document library has cloud support which integrates seamlessly with Microsoft SharePoint for publishing and list support.


Our developers use CSS to manage graphical aspects, and the services framework is based on web API. DNN is fully customizable to suit the unique needs of all it’s clients. Access to hundreds of template skins and modules makes this platform extendable.

File sharing

DNN can support multi-site management with cloud file storage, cross-site file sharing and role based content editing. DNN File Manager is a great space to house all documents or image files that are important to your organization, whether they are live on the public-facing website or not.

Stable Environment

The DNN platform promotes page and module caching, cache synchronization, cloud file storage and multi-site support.


DNN is fully Supported. There is unlimited technical support for our team to utilize if need be, and has a full access Knowledge base, which is great for ongoing learning in the fast-paced changes of web development.

Want content-rich websites and online communities that are accessible from any device? DNN has you covered! DNN simply continues to get better every year, with every new version. The platform skins, layers and modules are always improving, while the skinning engine of DNN is extremely flexible and easy to use, from novice clients to html experts!

Quick Facts About DNN

  • DNN is the most widely adopted CMS for Microsoft .NET
  • It’s the most successful open source project for the Microsoft ecosystem
  • Over 7 million users manage a DNN website
  • 1 million+ community members
  • There are thousands of commercial apps available



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