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Learn about SSL certificates and how they can help your overall web experience

SSL Certificates

Ever visited a weblink and got hit with a "are you sure?" message before entering? Chances are that site is not protected by an SSL certificate.

What's an SSL certificate you may ask? A Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certification is the proof that a website has an encrypted connection between its server and a customer's web browser: this security layer makes your website visitors feel safe when browsing.

How to tell if a site is secure

The website address will begin with https:// and will sometimes include a padlock next to site’s domain name.


Google confirms that sites that remain on the HTTP/non-secure protocol will likely be flagged with a warning in the URL bar of the surfer’s browser. Ultimately, HTTPS/secure sites can translate to better web traffic or greater online revenues.

SSL certificates:

  • Establish trust and builds brand power
  • Provides encryption of sensitive information
  • Provides authentication

We can help with the purchase, installation and configuration of your new SSL certificate for our website clients. If you are not a GoWeb1 customer, but maintain your own website click here to purchase an SSL certificate to start offering your web visitors peace of mind and boost your security.



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