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The Nitty Gritty on Product Pics

Photography best practices

For the Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace enthusiasts of the world: you're used to thumbing through some pretty lackluster photos. No matter what you're hunting for, what you deserve are photos that answer all of your consumer questions. Can I see what it looks like from another angle? What color is that exactly? Can you zoom in so I can see the detail? You get the idea.

Although this is a somewhat tolerable experience for social media marketplaces, this absolutely should not be the experience on a business' website. If you're considering selling online, having poor-quality images of your products can significantly reduce time spent looking at your site, and paints a poor picture of your brand.

Your images represent your brand

hula girl pixelated

This Hula dashboard doll is an example of what NOT to do when photographing products for your website.

  • Inconsistency in lighting makes it really difficult to judge the true color. Skip the flash.
  • A busy and competing background - white backgrounds are your best bet
  • Not shooting enough angles - one usually isn't enough for your buyer to consider a purchase

How to up your photo game

You want the customer to be able to imagine the product in their hands, so your images need to support that experience. When done correctly, your audience will learn that you've taken the time to present your products professionally. Then comes brand trust + loyalty. On top of making your product look more attractive and consistent, great images let people know that you care about the shopping experience.

  • Skip the flash! Flash distorts the way your product really looks in person
  • Use simple backgrounds - white backgrounds are the safest bet to let your product take center stage
  • Use a tripod and don't move your setup, to keep each placement consistent
  • Shoot multiple angles
  • If you don’t want to go the DIY route, hire professionals (hi 🤗)
  • Final tip: NEVER use a photo you've found off the internet that isn't yours. Take photos yourself, or obtain a proper license to use an existing photo.

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