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Limited budget? No tech skills? No problem! Welcome to the GoWeb1 DIY guide for building a website.

Welcome to the GoWeb1 DIY guide for building a website. We hope this page will be a helpful resource to you throughout your creative process.

What is a Website Template?

A website template is like a sketch that you get to “color in” with your own photos, text, logo, and color scheme. It’s a layout you can easily customize to match the tone or image of your business. With a website template, you really have the freedom to play around with different aesthetics. You can change color combinations, toggle between fonts, switch around photos, and so on.

Self-Service Solution

Using a website template is really how you can “get away” with creating a beautiful, functional site for your business without having coding or technical credentials. That’s why GoWeb1 offers more than 300 website templates for the DIY enthusiast. These templates are broken down by industry, since the functionality of a website for a catering business would tend to differ from that of a law firm.

Website Building Tips

  • If you want your website to look as professional as possible, we suggest following these rules of thumb: DO NOT get images for your website from Google. Many of these are copyrighted, or are of a poor quality. Take your own high resolution photos. Or go to iStock or Shutterstock to pick out professional quality images. Using high quality images will give your site a more polished look.
  • Choose photos that have a high resolution (about 300 dpi). You do not want images to show up as grainy on large screens. This goes for logos as well.
  • DO NOT make your own logo. Unless you have studied design, a self-made logo may cheapen your company’s image. GoWeb1 offers affordable pricing on logo design. Otherwise, simply type in the name of your business in the logo section and leave it at that.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you’re stuck on something, call DIYG customer support at 480-624-2500.

Ready to Start Building?

The DIY option is great for creating that simple, mobile friendly site and getting your business on the map. Build a website that can be up and running by tonight!

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