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Hello, How are you, Happy New Year, we're glad you opened this email. You're about to get smarter.

Grab your coffee and take a few moments to learn a few internet/website terms you've (maybe) been pretending to understand but still don't. It's okay, we're here to help and we won't tell anyone. Promise!


Internet Browser/HTTP cookies are not something delicious that you ate plenty of all last month. They are text files that contain info about your browsing history, recognizing your computer so that they can serve you content faster when you return. Cookies store details like your username and password so you're not asked to re-enter your credentials each time you return.


The main address of your site. Our domain name is


Universal Resource Locator. URLs are the full addresses of web pages and files across the Internet. The URL for our blog post page is


Hypertext Markup Language and Cascading Style Sheets.

HTML is the website code that tells browsers how to organize content on a website. CSS is the code that tells browsers how to display that content. CSS determines style and design controls, including font and color.


Responsive Website Design. (Okay, we didn't expect you to know what RWD stood for - we're sneaking this in here because it's important!). Responsive website design has been around for a while now; it's what we specialize in here at GoWeb1. Responsive means we use the same code regardless of device, automatically rendering the way your website is displayed for the very best user experience. It's the only way to get the right indexing from search engines, and you're only making updates once (compared to mobile vs. desktop changes of the past).

There you have it! Now go share this incredible knowledge on your next Zoom call. 👨‍💻



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